Garland Waller

Garland Waller showed she had a great eye for TV from the very start. In  her first job as a TV producer, she hired the then unknown Tom Bergeron to host a children’s TV program for WBZ-TV in Boston.

reeveGarland went on to produce a series of specials and documentaries for WBZ that covered a vast range of topics, from children’s views on nuclear war (hosted by Christopher Reeve) to Rape: An Act of Hate. Her work brought her 5 New England Emmys, the Iris Award, The Grand Prize at the International Film Festival of New York, and The American Women in Radio and Television Merit Award.  

She then produced a 26-part series, Your Child 6-12 with Dr. Kyle Pruett for Hearst which aired on Lifetime TV. She also co-authored the children’s book Drawing Angels Near and produced the TV special Concert in Angel-Land.

Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Family Courts was Garland’s first independent documentary. This groundbreaking documentary was the first to explore a national scandal – that men who beat their wives and sexually abused their children all too often get custody in family courts. Small Justice won "Best Social Documentary" at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2001 and the Award for Excellence in Media by 8th International Conference on Family Violence. It was selected for screenings at the Key West Indie Film Festival, GirlFest, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

hhGarland is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Television and Film in College of Communication at Boston University.  She teaches writing and producing for TV and runs Hothouse Productions, a student-run production company that provides polished client-driven videos, primarily for non-profits.

She has spoken at numerous conferences and events around the country including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,  Battered Mothers Custody Conference, and The National Organization of Women and The Domestic Violence and Child Custody Forum in New Jersey.

She has written frequently on the issue of domestic violence and family court injustice, including "The Yuck Factor, The Oprah Factor, and the 'Stickness' Factor Why the Mainstream Media Hasn't Covered Family Court Injustice," a chapter in the widely used handbook: DV Abuse and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy.

Garland and her husband, Barry Nolan, are now in post-production for their documentary No Way Out But One.

Garland Waller speaking at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference in 2011 about the making of No Way Out But One.