Barry Nolan

barryBarry Nolan is a six-time Emmy Award winning television journalist and commentator who has traveled the world to cover the stories of our time. From world shaping events such as 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing, to the glitzy red carpets of Hollywood movie premieres, from Presidential elections, to death row interviews, he has covered an enormous range of stories. He has broken bread with Bedouins under a goatskin tent in the Negev desert and dined with the Maharaja of Jaipur in his palace. He wandered through the rain forests of Borneo with Orangutans and skied with Sir Roger Moore on the slopes of Gstaaad.

He has also busted con men, uncovered scams, covered murder trials, and yes, interviewed OJ Simpson. He has anchored Hard Copy, Backstage and Nitebeat, hosted ABC’s Over the Edge and Evening Magazine, has been Senior Correspondent for EXTRA! and correspondent for Fox's Beyond Tomorrow.  

He is also the recipient of a Gabriel Award, an Iris Award, Telly Awards an LA Press Club Award and starred in a Peabody award winning drama.

barry2He recently spent two years as a senior staff member of the US Senate, serving as Communications Director for the Joint Economic Committee. He served briefly as Communications Director for the State Treasurer of Massachusetts, and continues to do political consulting.

He has been a frequent contributor of economic, social and political commentary to outlets such as Boston Magazine, Huffington Post, and E-Pluribus Media.

He is available for communications consulting, writing, producing, on-camera and voice-over work.

Barry Nolan's past work.