No Way Out But One

nwoboNo Way Out But One is a feature length documentary currently in post-production. It tells the story of an American woman accused of kidnapping her own children, a woman who fled the country and became the first American to be granted asylum by the government of the Netherlands on grounds of domestic violence. The 13-minute version presented here serves as a trailer for the feature and a documentary short.

Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Family Courts

smalljusticeThis groundbreaking documentary was the first in the country to expose one of the best kept secrets in America - If you beat your wife and sexually abuse your child, you usually get custody. In fact, according to the American Judges Assoc. "Studies show that batterers have been able to convince authorities that the victim is unfit or undeserving of sole custody in approximately 70% of challenged cases."

Debating Richard Gardner

Debating Richard Gardner: Half hour video on Gardner's theory of PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome.Distributed by Intermedia Inc. Debating Richard Gardner is a half hour educational video that was made as a result of many requests to see more of the controversial interview Garland did with Dr. Richard Gardner before he stabbed himself to death. Distributed by INTERMEDIA INC. www.intermedia-inc.com