About Garland Waller Productions

The wife and husband team behind Garland Waller Productions bring together two highly complimentary sets of skills that represent – if you will excuse the expression – a perfect marriage of skills and abilities to produce great documentaries.

Producer, writer and educator Garland Waller began her producing career with the nationally syndicated TV show The World of People. She produced a wide array of award winning documentaries for WBZ-TV in Boston. Her first independent documentary was the groundbreaking work Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Family Courts. The widely praised work was the winner of "Best Social Documentary" at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2001 and the Award for Excellence in Media by 8th International Conference on Family Violence.

Garland is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Television and Film at Boston University's College of Communication.

Barry Nolan has been an investigative reporter, anchor, host and producer for programs including Evening Magazine, Beyond Tomorrow, Hard Copy, EXTRA, Nitebeat, and Backstage with Barry Nolan.

He has covered many of the major news stories and personalities of our time, from the Oklahoma City bombing, to ground zero on the night of 9-11, from earthquakes and firestorms to presidential campaigns.

He has also created, hosted and served as Executive Producer for award-winning shows that have focused on political issues and pop culture events. He spent the last two years on Capitol Hill as Communications Director for the House/Senate Joint Economic Committee.

Between them, Garland Waller and Barry Nolan have a dozen Emmys, numerous other distinctions and awards, a total of over half a century of television production, four kids, one cat and a heck of a body of work.